Buy Aeroexpress Tickets

You can book Aeroexpress tickets to Moscow from the airports: Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. Comfortable and double-decker trains follow directions.

Train timetable Aeroexpress

  • –from Vnukovo Airport to Kievsky Station: the first train starts at 06.00 (from Vnukovo - at 06.00), the last train is at 00.00. Ticket price from 340 RUB.
  • –from Domodedovo airport to Paveletsky railway station: one intermediate stop - Upper boilers. The first train starts at 06.00 (from Domodedovo at 06.00), the last train starts at 00.00.
  • –From Sheremetyevo Airport to Belorussky Railway Station: the train never stops on its way. The first train starts at 05.00 (from Belorussky railway station at 05.30), the last train starts at 00.30.
  • –Odintsovo - Sheremetyevo: twice a day on weekdays and three times on weekends without stopovers..

Travel time:

  • –From Domodedovo to Paveletsky - 45 minutes.
  • –From Belorussky railway station to Sheremetyevo - 35 minutes.
  • –Vnukovo from Kiev railway station - 35 minutes.
  • –From Odintsovo to Sheremetyevo - 90 minutes.

How much does a ticket to Aeroexpress cost?

The price of a train ticket depends on the selected fare (Standard, Business, Return). Aeroexpress provides a wide selection that allows you to choose the optimal cost of railway tickets, which are available online on the website Tickets.ru
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